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The LIFE SUNALGAE project includes the following sub-objectives:

  • To demonstrate the algae concept in a pilot production facility for up to 12 months.

  • Verifying a minimum 4 % enhancement of the power output from a silicon solar panel and up to 60 % efficiency enhancement of a future transparent type of solar cell (DSSC).

  • To successfully disseminate the outcome of the project to potential stakeholders and target groups in Europe. Interested parties will be invited to the pilot facilities to observe the functionality of the innovative process as well as to receive information on the potential environmental and energy savings it offers.

  • Perform a fast replication and commercialization, based upon the results of the demonstration.

The LIFE SUNALGAE installation has the potential of leading to the following primary quantitative results:

  • 4 % reduction of CO2 emissions: 232 640 000 kg/year

  • 4 % reduction of energy consumption: 640 000 000 kWh/year

  • 4% increase in solar energy captured: 320 000 000 kWh/year

  • 3,9 % reduction of investment cost/kW: 123,8 euro/kW of energy output

  • Additional quantitative environmental benefits:

  • 100% waste reduction/recycling of nitrogen and phosphorus: 0.531 tons/year

  • 100% reduction of freshwater consumption: 2400 m3/year

  • 100% substitution of dangerous synthetic Nano material: 1 tons/year