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The team

The Swedish Algae Factory team

Together we share the passion for our oceans and lakes and the organisms that lives there. We want to contribute to healthy oceans and lakes that thrives. The next generation deserves to explore the beauty of life under water and needs it to survive. Our core team has over 100 years of combined experience in algae research, biology, production and engineering. We are all passionate about changing how we create and use the world’s resources. Our cutting-edge research has resulted in patents, key trade secrets and publications in e.g. Nature.

Angela Wulff

I took the step from being a passionate SCUBA diver to a PhD in marine ecology with focus on microalgae. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became and I was particularly interested in microalgae living in extreme environments, like inside ice. I wanted to further explore their potential in industrial applications and luckily I met Sofie."

Angela Wulff, co-founder

Sofie Allert

I fell in love with algae during my bachelor thesis in biotechnology. For me, it was an extremely sustainable underused resource since algae grow fast and can be cultivated on saltwater and wastewater. Back then most algae species that had been studied for industrial use preferred warm and sunny climates. I met my co-founder Angela in 2013. She had recently joined a research expedition to Antarctica sampling ice-inhabiting microalgae. Together we thought that if algae could grow in the ice it would also be possible to create an algae industry in the cold and dark climates of the Nordics. With our love for algae and our passion to contribute to a better world we decided to set out to show that it is possible to create a climate positive industry with the help of algae."

Sofie Allert, CEO and co-founder