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Sofie Allert och Angela Wulff

Swedish Algae factory - a visionary algae team

Swedish Algae Factory is a Swedish privately owned company founded in 2016 by Angela Wulff, a professor in marine ecology and Sofie Allert, a biotechnical engineer with a master’s in business development. The company was founded with the vision to showcase the power of algae as a raw material and the potential of creating a climate positive business using algae.


From the lab to larger greenhouses

We started to grow our algae in the lab at the University of Gothenburg followed by a small 6 sqm greenhouse at the University premises before the company was founded. In 2016 when the company was founded, we started to cultivate our algae in a 23 sqm greenhouse in Kungshamn. Here we started our collaboration with a company in the food industry whose wastewater we started to clean whilst growing our algae. In 2018 we 10 doubled the greenhouse space and started to produce Algica in small commercial volumes at the same site.