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EU Life Sunalgae

Life Sunalgae

Swedish Algae Factory was honored to be able to run an EU LIFE project between 2018-2023. The main objective of the LIFE SUNALGAE Project was to demonstrate a new, innovative algae material that can provide enhancements of the efficiency of silicon based solar panels and thin film solar cells.

This project was the first of its kind to extract and utilize the shell of an algae group called diatoms at larger scale for mainly solar panel efficiency enhancing applications. We refined the process of cultivation of diatoms and extraction of their shells during the project. One goal of the project was to produce the algae shells in an as environmentally friendly process as possible where water was cleaned, valuable nutrients recycled, carbon dioxide was absorbed, and a valuable sustainable organic biomass also was produced.

During the project, we built up and operated a larger factory for production of this innovative algae material. Material produced from the factory was tested successfully for efficiency enhancement of solar panels and solar cells. Tests for use of this material in other applications were also conducted with positive results.

Read the Layman´s Report (pdf)

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