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Algica in personal care

Evolution of skin care

Millions of years of evolution have given the porous silica shell of diatoms a remarkable set of properties. These silica shells enable diatoms to produce the vital oxygen of every fifth breath we take. We have discovered a way to cultivate and extract this fascinating product of nature, whilst preserving its unique properties - for use in various types of personal care products.

Algica in personal care

One ingredient, multiple benefits

Algica is an efficient moisturizer, cleanser, sensory modifier, anti-pollution agent and SPF booster. It can also work as a carrier for other active substances. Algica is COSMOS approved and originates from our seas. It`s thereby completely safe for our sea life. It is of great importance to protect our oceans from harmful and unnatural chemical substances that endanger marine life.

  • Unique moisturizing and sensory modifying capabilities
  • Efficient cleanser and booster of other actives
  • Protective anti-pollution agent
  • Ocean safe SPF booster

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