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Algica in solar panels

Boosting solar panel efficiency

Algica has unique light manipulating properties, with the potential to boost Si-solar panel efficiency with at least 4% and Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) by up to 36%. By adding Algica to the encapsulant or in an anti-reflective coating on the glass of the Si-solar panel an efficiency enhancement of 3-4% has been measured in indicative flash tests performed by external institutes. Research done together with Chalmers University of Technology showed that by adding Algica to the active material in DSSC the efficiency was increased by 36%.

Algica for solar panels

Additional benefits

Diatom shells are known to block UV light. Since UV radiation is degrading solar panels Algica will reduce degradation of solar panels over time.


Life Sunalgae

We are proud to announce that Swedish Algae Factory have received the highly selective EU LIFE grant.

The project LIFE SUNALGAE is the first of its kind to extract and utilize diatom shells at large scale for solar panel efficiency enhancing applications.

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